Crowdsource newsroom tasks
with messaging interfaces

Newsroom crowdsourcing?

Some investigations require a crowd

When you have a trove of documents to go through, or a pile of photos to identify, it can be too much work for one person. However, dividing work among a team can be challenging.

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Forms and spreadsheets are boring

Having people input data into a shared spreadsheet or a web form can feel mindless, impersonal and cumbersome.

Your audience could help

Your publication already has a community of readers. Involving them in your investigation can improve engagement and greatly speed up the task. But if the contribution process is complex, people will quickly lose interest.

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Meet Taskforce

Taskforce is a crowdsourcing platform designed for newsroom data gathering tasks, with a special focus on a frictionless interface for contributions.

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Everyone is familiar with messaging

And that’s why our main feature is a messaging-based UI for contributions. Signup, login, tutorials and actual tasks all take place in a chat interface, doing away with most of the teaching required to get people on with the work. Non-technical contributors will feel right at home with the user-friendly interface, so that it doesn’t feel like work.

No need to install anything

That’s right, no special apps or plugins necessary. Contributors can access your campaign immediately through a clean browser interface or messaging apps. We currently support Telegram, with others to follow.

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Points & Leaderboards

Everyone loves quick, meaningful feedback. Contributors can gauge their progress through their score, and compare their contributions with others’ in public campaign leaderboards. It’s also rather simple to feature these leaderboards in your own site.


Need to explain some details beforehand? We’ve built a tutorial editor so that new users can get to grips with the intricacies of your task before starting out. All inside our chat interface, of course.

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Keep it in the newsroom or involve your audience

Your campaign can be restricted to your team or made available to anyone through public links. Just publish the public links we provide in your campaign management panel, and anyone can dive in and start contributing.

Simple administration

A web-based administration dashboard gives you all the tools necessary to get started, fine tune your campaign and follow its progress. Easily manage conflicting answers, review participants’ contributions and export final results.

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